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The Lab

Change your vibration
change your life

The Lab is a four week intensive, limited to 22 people, to ensure an intimate experience that will radically change your energy field. 

Program Offerings

Daily Reiki

This is the main component of change. Every day you will receive 30 minutes of group Reiki with Laura via Zoom who utilizes 12 powerful frequencies she has been attuned to specifically for this program. 

We will work up the front and the back of the Chakra system, opening and clearing each chakra. 

Daily Lessons

A complete overview of the Chakra system, the energy field, the science behind Reiki and so much more. Learn how you uniquely receive your own messages and create more awareness of this process. You will also learn how to begin to regulate your own energy and clear it. Setting energetic boundaries will also be covered. 


Each week you will be able to submit your questions for a Q & A with Laura. You will also have a direct contact for Laura if anything should arise that you need greater insight around. Plus, receive a curated book list of Laura's favorite references pertaining to each Chakra and all things energy and ascension. 


You will be part of a group of 44 like-minded people and able to share your experiences and ideas with everyday. There is also access to a private online forum during the program and you will have lifetime access to the Enter Aquarius forum to keep in touch with all your new connections. 

Daily Journal

Each day a journal prompt will be given to help you dive deeper into your journey. Reiki will bring to light shadows, memories and epiphanies for your growth and you will have a written reference of these insights to look back on after the program. 


Enjoy generous life-time discounts on Distance Reiki Sessions and energy provisions in the Store. Be the first to know about future promotions and programs before they are released to the general public. 



Day 1: Initiation

Day 2: Root Chakra

Day 3: Sacral Chakra

Day 4: Solar Plexus Chakra

Day 5: Heart Chakra

Day 6: Throat Chakra

Day 7: Third Eye Chakra


Day 8: Crown Chakra

Day 9: Attachment Release

Day 10: Home

Day 11: Peace

Day 12: Lift

Day 13: 8th Chakra

Day 14: 9th Chakra


Day 15: 10th Chakra

Day 16: Root Chakra 

Day 17: Sacral Chakra

Day 18: Solar Plexus Chakra

Day 19: Heart Chakra

Day 20: Throat Chakra

Day 21: Third Eye Chakra


Day 22: Crown Chakra

Day 23: Attachment Release

Day 24: Home

Day 25: Future Outcome

Day 26: Knowing

Day 27: Embodiment

Day 28: Integration


If you feel like something is missing but you don't know where to start, I highly recommend you take the time to be part of this intensive. You will finish with so much awareness and information. I can't wait for participants to experience it again and again!

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