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Aloha! I am an 11th Generation Usui Reiki Master and a Holy Fire III  Karuna Reiki Master.  I am also a mother of two amazing children that are so full of love and light, yet keep me on my toes with their curiosity and wit. I have been an Esthetician for over 18 years and owner of Glow Studio in Honolulu. 

From an early age, I knew my purpose was to serve people in this lifetime. In fact, this is my Purpose as read in my Birth Chart! I am the friend people come to with their troubles in order to feel seen and heard. I have always been highly sensitive to energy and could feel emotions even from any distance. When I was 9 years old I discovered I could channel through writing and recognize now that my guides have always been with me. I would receive messages in dreams and signs and would look for themes and patterns in everything.

I began my awakening at 22 and have experienced intense transformation at times. During one of these particulary hard periods I was in so much emotional, physical and spiritual pain that I begged the Universe to send me a Mentor or anything to help me. I was sent my first Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki. My life was forever changed. 

On March 29, 2019, I was given my first new symbol and told it was my "activation".  Although it was very painful, I knew that something greater than me was asking to flow through and so I accepted. I have since received 15 symbols/energies in total. Each energy is different. Serving it's own purpose in a beautiful orchestra that comes together to clear, lift and expand those that recieve. 

I am honored to serve you on your path. I am eager to hold space as a clear conduit to the energies that flow from the highest realms for your greatest good and healing. I am grateful to my guides and the Highest High for their continued guidance and support. 

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