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Energy Sessions are all booked as one hour appointments. Laura will channel from four lineages of Reiki energies, read your field, and deliver a detailed voice note with your assessment and messages.

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Energy Assessment : 5 Minutes

Laura will first softly connect with you in the field to read your Chakra system, front and back, 2 Chakras above the crown and one below the feet. She will also look for any energetic blocks in the Chakras and field or physical blocks in the body that need to be addressed. 

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Channeled Energy : 40 Minutes

Next Laura will connect on a deeper level to channel many different energies in guidance from your highest self, your guides and her guides. This energy may be recieved in an infinite number of ways: heat, vibration, cold, colors, pressure, sound.

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Voice Recording : 15 Minutes

After your session, Laura will channel a message from the guides or your highest self and record a voice note with all the information from your Energy Assessment and the events of your session. 

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