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Shades of White Stone

The Pet Lab

Energy Support for your animal companions

Animals need energy support too! Our pets are connected to us on a deep soul level. In fact, they have a Chakra dedicated to this human companion connection. Give your companions the gift of regenerative weekly Reiki. 

Lazy Brown Dog

Once Weekly Reiki

Our pets are here to support us on every level. Physical, emotional, and spritiual. We have soul contracts with our animal companions just the same as our human connections. Our pets can absorb and hold our lower vibration energies as part of their mission to support us. Weekly Reiki will help them release these energies and remain vibrant and thriving!

Lazy Brown Dog
White Cat
White Cat

invitation to receive

Your pet does not need to be resting to receive the energies. However, most animals will become very relaxed or may go to sleep during the session. Animals are very receptive to Reiki energy and clients report many wonderful stories of how the energies support their pets. 

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